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By providing one scholar with a transformational education opportunity, your school can foster intercultural exchange for all of your students.

While talking about the Center for Global Understanding and Independent Thinking at the Hotchkiss School, Malcolm McKenzie, Hotchkiss' former head of school, said, “The time has come to launch a flagship to transform Hotchkiss - to prep for the planet, and to further the practice of internationalism for the next generation.” Schools like Hotchkiss have been proactive in establishing eye-opening international programs for their students, including study abroad programs and strong international programs on their campuses that actively seek international students who can enrich their school through global diversity.

ASI helps fill that niche.

ASI provides its partner schools with the unique opportunity to bring promising student leaders from Afghanistan to their home institutions. Our students serve as ambassador of their culture and help achieve the schools’ vision of international understanding. Adam Leff who taught and advised one of ASI’s pilot scholars, Sikandar, at Gould, said. "Sikandar gave Gould far more than Gould gave him."

ASI is actively seeking to build relationships with new partner schools that share our vision and embrace our values. Interested schools should demonstrate a commitment to international education by providing full financial support and guidance for international students, particularly from in-conflict countries like Afghanistan.