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Our scarves are 35" x 35" in size and are made of cotton. The Afghan Mujaheddin, also known as freedom fighters, wore the classic black and white version as they fought the Soviet Union in the mountains of Afghanistan. Around 2002, hipsters got a hold of the scarves and started wearing them with jeans. A range of amazing colors, from bright pink to dark gray, appeared in Afghan bazaars. While scarves are not produced in Afghanistan, they are heavily used.

Afghans wear scarves for many reasons. Youngsters wear them to look cool. Others wear them for protection from sun, dust, smell, wind, or anything that can be protected by a scarf. Street vendors often use them as prayer rugs. Laborers tie their waists tight with their scarves, and lift heavy objects.

Find your own reason, and wear a nice scarf!

Our Cause

Here is one reason. Jawan Fashion was created to financially support the Afghan Scholars Initiative, an organization that identifies, prepares, and places talented Afghan students at top boarding high schools and colleges in the US and India. ASI’s goal is to prepare Afghanistan’s future civic leaders. Jawan Fashion helps ASI achieve its mission.

We offer thousands of ordinary people an opportunity to help prepare Afghanistan’s future civic leaders by wearing a cool scarf. Click here to buy your scarf today.